About Rocco Kryns

Imagine if someone you love dearly handed over their money and made it your responsibility to make it last. It inspired me to find an investment strategy that helped my parents never lose any of their retirement money. Over my 15-year career visiting with more than 5,000 people of retirement age, I've never lost a single dollar of my clients' money due to the volatility of the market. And neither have any of Wisdom Financial Services advisors.

We have spent our entire careers working with people who are nearing or in retirement. We understand your unique needs. And we know there's simply no way you can afford to waste valuable retirement years trying to recover from dips in the market. You need reliability. You need to protect your profits and lock in gains. You need your money to go to work for you in retirement. It’s not how much money you put in but it’s more important to focus on how much money you get out without running out of money. Let’s do your financial make over today to minimize taxes and have a tax free income that last.

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